Raw Milk and the Human Micro Biome

Raw milk it is claimed reduces the incidence of asthma and other conditions. Is this a case of the milk’s micro biome balancing that of the human body. If so looking at this micro biome and culturing just those bacteria may be one route to effective probiotics, allowing us to pasteurize milk and then effectively add back the required biome. This should be far more effective than people willy nilly changing their diets to try to change the micro biome. If you think about it changing diet only works if the required microbes already are present in your intestines, in which case you are just changing the proportions of the existing bacteria. Some use yogurt and other commercial probiotic cultures yet these cultures have a very select group of bacteria, nothing like the native populations of the intestine.

Please note: I am not an advocate of raw milk, if the normal microbe population is important then creating and distributing that population in a controlled way is good.

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