Immunization and Liability

There are plenty of reports of people suing some drug company when they or their children were either harmed or allegedly harmed from some vaccine that was administered.

Maybe what we need are lawsuits and criminal punishment when parents do not immunize their children for deadly diseases. There are a whole group of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children for a variety of potentially fatal diseases. When these un-vaccinated children get one of those diseases they put other people at risk. There was a case of a woman whose child got measles in Germany, came back to the US with her child, went to the doctor, and while waiting in the doctor’s reception area, a number of children in that area were exposed to the measles virus, got the measles (they were too young to receive their measles shot), and at least one child died. This woman by deciding not to immunize exposed other people to her decision. If she wants to make that decision she should be liable for any consequences.

People assume that in not getting vaccinated they are making a purely personal decision, they are not, they are making a decision that potentially affects a large number of people. This woman’s decision should make her liable for murder, and certainly she should be considered a target of civil lawsuits. Not choosing to immunize carry consequences, this is not just personal. If you chose not to immunize you inherit responsibilities for what may happen later.

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